Creativity and Experience

Arq. Octavio Lopez

Senior Lead Architect / Developer

D'TERRACE Residences has been designed by Architect Octavio Lopez. Octavio has 17 years experience in design of condominiums in the area of Puerto Vallarta. Throughout his career Octavio has been a tireless seeker of perfection through its clean lines that have made ​​an impact to their customers and their designs everyday being transmitted to those who live and share in the spaces created by him.

  • 2000 La Cima I, 14 Floorplans from 240 m2.
  • 2002 La Cima III, 24 Floorplans from 300 m2
  • 2004 Horizon, 46 Floorplans from 200 m2
  • 2006 Avalon, 88 Floorplans de 270 m2
  • 2007 Paramount Bay, 81 Floorplans from 210 m2
  • 2009 – To date has made several residences in Guadalajara and at El Tigre Nuevo Vallarta

"Creating modern and functional living spaces for the modern living is my passion"

La Cima I, 14 Floorplans

Puerto Vallarta


Paramount Bay, 81 Floorplans

Puerto Vallarta


Horizon, 46 Floorplans

Puerto Vallarta


Avalon, 88 Floorplans

Puerto Vallarta